You can find lots of information about pecans on the web. We have a list of the major Pecan and Nut Grower Association websites for easy reference. In particular, our neighbors to the east have a large number of university, state and extension agencies devoted to assisting pecan growers.

American Pecan Board:

National Pecan Shellers Association: http://WWW.ILOVEPECANS.ORG/

USDA National Ag Statistics Service:

USDA Pecan Breeding and Genetics Program:

Loma Linda University Pecan Health Study:

Texas Pecan Growers Association

Texas Department of Agriculture

Texas Cooperative Extension, Pecan Production for Homeowners:

Texas Cooperative Extension, General Pecan Guidelines:

Texas Cooperative Extension, List of Common Pecan Problems:

Texas A&M Pecan Entomology

Pecan Grafting and Budding Information:

Texas Pecan Board:

Georgia Pecan Commission:

Oklahoma State University Pecan Management:

International Nut Council Nutrition Committee:

Pennsylvania Nut Growers Association

Northern Nut Growers Association

Indiana Nut Growers Association

Louisiana Pecan Growers Association

North Carolina Pecan Growers Association